Photography by
David H Bosboom


My career has now come full circle. Photography was my first joy. Then theatre took root in me and I went from lighting design to stage management. And from amateur to professional finally landing on Broadway. All of it was glorious fun. Plus a lot of hard work. Now I find myself with a camera in hand and the joy I knew before I turned 20 has returned! I hope you enjoy these photographs. And if you have something to say, please email me.


2017 & 2019
Jerusalem & Tel Aviv

New York City

September 2019
Manhattan & Boston areas

Sugarloaf Mountain

December 2019
Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro

São Bento Monastery

December 2019
Centro, Rio de Janeiro

Giant Bamboo Forest

Minas Gerais

Praça Peixoto

Farmers' Market & More

Black & White

A Variety of Photos


Photography keeps me sane,
but just barely.